DEI Strategy Accelerator

A customizable and innovative approach to
diversity, equity, and inclusion

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Why Your company Needs to Accelerate diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

There is conclusive evidence that when companies effectively promote DEI in their places of work, it’s easier to:

  • Attract high-quality diverse employees
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Improve community engagement and communication
  • Build and strengthen new networks in underrepresented communities
  • Create a company culture that values differences  

What is a DEI Strategy Accelerator?

Our DEI Strategy Accelerator helps organizations move DEI into their business strategy. It combines assessments, learning, and strategic guidance for creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment.

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Take the first step

If you’re ready to accelerate diversity, equity, and inclusion in your place of work, the first step is to take our organizational assessment so we can learn more about the current status of your DEI efforts. Sign up below to get access to and complete the survey.



What Will you do in the Accelerator?

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Understand your current status

Through assessments and conversations with your team, we help you understand the state of your organization’s DEI efforts through a deep dive into your systems and procedures. 


Prepare your leaders

We customize and deliver learning programs that allow all leaders in your organization to practice self-reflection, gain more confidence, learn the importance of embracing diversity, and acquire practical techniques that they can incorporate into their everyday team and community interactions.


Plan and execute your strategy

We help you put together a strategic plan with built-in accountability around diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.


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Our Approach

Our Approach_ listen


We believe that the people within organizations already have many of the answers they’re seeking. Our goal is to work alongside team members to help them uncover these solutions, hear underrepresented voices, and synthesize disparate opinions into solutions that work best for them.

Our Approach_ co-create


We take the hard work out of creating the initial diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy, but we also work closely with our partners by engaging in regular communication throughout the process, sharing feedback and trends and seeking guidance as we move forward together.

Our Approach_ implement


After working with the project team to develop the best strategy, we will help identify processes, procedures, structures, and schedules that will help the team put these plans into motion while working together to create strategies for constant improvement.

Our Approach_ impower


We believe in long-term relationships, so we will be there for your team to help you climb the next mountain. At the same time, our goal with each project is to empower you with the internal skills that will help you continue to thrive independently.

How to know if the DEI Strategy Accelerator is right for you

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Our program is best-suited for organizations that...

  • Value diversity, equity and inclusion and know that they will be a stronger organization if DEI is a part of their strategy.
  • Are not in a position to hire a full-time DEI executive because of costs or limited knowledge, but want to move their strategy forward.
  • Are unclear on how to get started and what to prioritize.
  • Are looking for a DEI plan that is customized to their organization and not an off-the-shelf solution.
  • Understand that they will have to include learning and development into their DEI plan.

Your DEI Dream TEam

DEANNA 2-Jul-06-2020-04-03-39-87-AM


Chief Change Agent, Uplifting Impact

Deanna Singh is the Founder and Chief Change Agent of Flying Elephant, an umbrella organization for four social enterprises, including Uplifting Impact, with a mission to shift power to marginalized communities. Deanna is an accomplished author, educator, business leader, and social justice champion who speaks to over 50,000 people annually. Deanna is also the lead instructor for the Professional Certificate in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion offered through University of Wisconsin’s Center for Professional and Executive Development.

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JUSTIN 1-Jul-06-2020-04-03-11-10-AM


Uplifting Impact

Justin Ponder is primarily an educator, teaching Ethnic Studies, African American Studies, and Ethnic Minority Literature. Through his academic work, he explores the ways to bridge the gap between who we are and who we must become to achieve a more equitable world for others. He has helped organizations and leaders consider connections between the historical past, the social present, and a more just future. In his work on diversity, equity, and inclusion, Justin is known for his ability to teach difficult lessons in gentle ways.

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Tamyra Washington

Tamyra Washington

DEI Associate Consultant

Tamyra Washington, BS, is a fiercely independent alumna from George Mason University. As an analytical and collaborative professional, Tamyra has experience leading teams and initiatives for social justice education and advancement. She is currently pursuing a Professional Certificate in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from the Wisconsin School of Business. In her role as DEI Coordinator with Uplifting Impact, Tamyra is responsible for supporting much of the research and design of content for the larger Uplifting Impact community.

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Ready to get started?


Take our assessment for Diversity, equity, and Inclusion for free.


We will review the assessment and call you to set up a time to chat.


Our team will customize a proposal for you or guide you in the right direction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much will this cost?

Engagements with our DEI Strategy Accelerator start at $8,000/month and are based on the scope of work identified with you and your team. We have flexible pricing and payment plans for nonprofits and social enterprises that are considered on a case-by-case basis.


How long are your engagements?

Our engagements for the accelerator packages start at 4 months. This time frame allows us the balance of being able to have the time to make an immediate impact while also setting up the organization for long-term success.


What are some example deliverables?

Concrete deliverables during our engagements include iterative work plans, a strategic DEI plan, leadership/organizational/team assessments, and documented HR processes (e.g. recruitment, hiring, onboarding, and promotional review).


Why choose Uplifting Impact?

  • Instead of creating even more work for people who are already stretched, we enhance what you are already doing.
  • This will not be a guilt tripping experience--we operate from a place of joy and potential.
  • We will fully customize our approach to what you need-- we don’t create a bunch of busy work.
  • We are practical, we know the theory, history, and social implications, and we also know how to translate those into business objectives, goals and plans.
  • We are industry leaders--in fact, we are writing the book on how to make Actions Speak Louder.