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For Schools

In this presentation, Deanna will read the book out loud, and ask children to think of positive words about themselves. For older children, she will also talk about the writing and publishing process!

The session will end with all of the students doing an activity where they draw a picture of themselves into frames from the book and write an affirming word about themselves!

For Educators

Children’s literature is an important way to engage children in the love of learning. Teachers will tell you that if children see themselves in their literature they are more likely to be engaged. Unfortunately, even though children of color make up more than 50% of our country’s school-aged children, few children’s books actually feature children of color.

In this talk, Deanna shares how the book came to fruition and how teachers, parents, and educators have the power to make all children feel included.

For Districts

The Story to Tell Books team loves working with districts that want to look for a more comprehensive approach to diversity in their schools.  Two popular talks that we often customize for districts and community groups are How to Talk to Kids About Race and a 5 part series on How to Lead with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


Zephaniah and Zion have also done presentations that focus on the writing process from a student's perspective! 

How to Talk to Kids about Race

Race and racism continue to be tough aspects of socialization for children. As parents, aunts, uncles, and mentors of young children, many of us struggle with how to deal with such a strong dynamic in our society. In these sessions we stress the importance of teaching children about race and give clear examples of how to do it in the right way.

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