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Season Two Finale: How DEI Can Have Ripple Effects

Posted by Michelle Abendroth | Dec 16, 2021 3:00:00 AM

Welcome to the Season 2 finale of the Uplifting Impact podcast! In this special episode, Deanna Singh and Justin Ponder sit down to talk about their own journeys and perspectives as they think about DEI and how DEI shows up in their day-to-day lifestyles. You’ll hear them each talk about how they continue to grow and develop in this space, and about some of the people who have had the biggest impact on them and their growth. You will also hear them answer the question they ask each of their guests: what brings you joy?

Deanna and Justin also want to say thank you, on behalf of the entire Uplifting Impact team, for tuning into this podcast each week. We're deeply grateful that you've joined us for this season and we are excited about what's coming up! It’s important that this be a two-way dialogue, so we encourage you to join us by subscribing, sharing, and going to our website (UpliftingImpact.com) to share your ideas for Season 3 with us.

Topics In This Episode:

  • The ripple effect this work has had on Deanna and Justin, even within their family

  • Helping others move from a place of fear to a place of hope and possibility

  • The shift in the workplace from viewing employees simply as employees, and instead, recognizing the full person that they are

  • The key difference with millennials in the workforce

  • Justin’s current research

  • The power in listening more than you speak

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Written by Michelle Abendroth

Michelle is a co-owner of Roth Media and helps podcasters achieve more with their shows.

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