Unleashing Your Team's Superpowers: The Key to Company Success

February 18, 2019

Black Panther. Superman. Captain America. Batman. Captain Marvel. Wonder Woman. Each of these superheroes has a strength specific to them. Some may say Batman doesn’t have superpowers because he’s a human with fancy toys. True. But, he spent years developing those tools and his skills to become a superhero. What are the “superpowers” of your team? Are employees encouraged to develop and showcase their superpowers?

A company – and its hustle – benefit when they encourage team members to develop their “superpowers.” What is a superpower in your company? Leadership? Communication? Project management? It varies from company to company and among employees, but when encouraged to pursue and develop their own superpowers, employees become superheroes within a company. That only helps a company succeed in meeting its goals.

It’s easy for people to develop their powers or skills, simply by working at them. Encourage people who exhibit leadership to grow their skills. Having them volunteer for or even be assigned to leadership roles on committees or projects helps them utilize the skills necessary in managing people and projects, such as communication, listening, and project management. People who tend to easily relate to people find common ground through conversation, which helps establish a bond of trust and helps that person lead. Listening to understand, not to respond, showcases another key trait among effective leaders. The “superpowers” a leader has only helps your company’s hustle.

Superheroes also improve their leadership skills through professional development classes and conferences, where a potential leader can learn more about what is needed to make their “superpower” work. Remember, Superman disguised his identity by working as a newspaper reporter, where communication and leadership in the newsroom were important.

While not every person excels at leadership, another person’s “superpower” may involve project management. They may "possess the knack” to manage work projects effectively and efficiently, which helps the hustle by completing projects in a timely manner. This superhero has the ability to identify the necessary requirements and key players in order to successfully meet goals. Their “superpowers” can also be enhanced by involvement with professional organizations and conferences.

Regardless of your company’s goals, each team member possesses specific skills that can help your hustle meet them. Your superhero doesn’t have to wear a cape or fly an invisible airplane. Instead, they help the hustle, displaying their “superpowers” by leading or managing successful projects. Companies that encourage their superheroes to develop their talents are the ones that exceed their goals.


Using your team’s individual strengths helps the company’s hustle

Leaders develop rapport with team members that help the company’s hustle

Identifying key team players is a major step in project management

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