The Power of Belonging: A Paradigm Shift in DEI

November 21, 2023
The Power of Belonging: A Paradigm Shift in DEI

Belonging is not just a buzzword; it is the cornerstone of fostering truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures within organizations.

In our latest episode of the Uplifting Impact podcast, Justin Ponder engages in an enlightening conversation with Jarrod Harden, also known as the Belonging Guy. Together, they explore the crucial role of belonging in fostering truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures within organizations.

Brace yourself for a thought-provoking discussion that will challenge conventional notions of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and unveil the hidden potential of employee resource groups (ERGs) in driving belonging.


  • How belonging plays a role in creating inclusive cultures

  • How belonging differs from diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the elements that makeup belonging

  • The relationship between employee resource groups (ERGs) and a sense of belonging and how ERGs can create opportunities for connection and networking

  • The necessity of structure in resource groups, setting expectations, and the role of ERGs in welcoming and supporting diverse talent

  • Common pitfalls of ERGs like having no clear charter or strategy

  • The importance of value and outreach, and the misconception that ERGs are not business-critical

  • Categories of activities in ERGs, such as educating the enterprise, building community, and philanthropy

  • Finding connections with others and the potential setbacks when trying to establish professional relationships

  • Common resistance and pushback faced by ERGs in organizations, including the disconnect between expectations and the purpose of ERGs

  • Strategies for overcoming resistance from decision-makers and maintaining enthusiasm and participation within ERGs, including setting clear expectations and understanding the needs of the members

  • The value of having separate distinct groups around identity and how they can create a sense of belonging within organizations

  • The idea that identity-focused spaces should invite people from different backgrounds to foster collaboration and partnership


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