Strategies to Eliminate Unconscious Bias in Hiring Practices

March 12, 2024

Unconscious bias in hiring can be a significant barrier to building diverse and inclusive workplaces. In the latest episode of the Uplifting Impact podcast, hosted by Deanna Singh, we dive into this crucial topic with guest Abe Taleb, a renowned DEI-focused hiring specialist. Listen in as we explore the impact of unconscious bias in the hiring process and discover practical strategies to address it.

One key discussion point revolves around the importance of creating inclusive job descriptions. Every word matters in a job posting, as it sets the stage for who feels welcome and included. Abe shares insights on how to craft job descriptions that attract a diverse pool of candidates and eliminate potential bias.

Another crucial aspect explored in this episode is the significance of treating hiring candidates respectfully. It's essential to respond to every application, regardless of the outcome. Abe shares valuable advice on the right way to communicate with candidates, fostering a positive experience and building stronger employer brands.

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  •  Abe Taleb's journey into the talent space and his work with Rework and Koya Leadership Partners
  • Discussion on unconscious bias in the hiring process and its impact

  • The importance of candidates telling their own stories and taking ownership of their experiences during the interview process

  • Challenges of addressing unconscious bias and the need for coaching for both employers and candidates

  • Creating inclusive job descriptions and leveling the playing field for all candidates

  • Strategies to address unconscious bias and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace

  • Importance of removing barriers in the hiring process and making it more accessible for diverse candidates

  • Treating candidates as customers and ensuring a respectful and transparent hiring process

  • Abe's personal motivation for staying engaged in this work


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