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Actions Speak Louder Book Talk Part 3

Posted by PodwizProducers | May 19, 2022 8:17:44 AM

Uplifting Impact is excited to announce Actions Speak Louder, the latest book by author and DEI expert, our very own, Deanna Singh. This book, available starting May 31st, 2022, is a step-by-step guide on how to create change and inclusivity both in the workplace and beyond. In this book, Deanna seeks to answer questions for organizations and teams of all sizes on how to create more inclusivity. Actions Speak Louder creates a blueprint for those who are ready to read, take action now, and build a better tomorrow.



In the third episode of the Book Talk series, Deanna Sigh talks with guest host Jon Kaupla, President and Executive Director of the Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development. They discuss how Deanna and her team settled on the title of her new book, Action Speak Louder, the avoidable mistakes companies make in their DEI efforts, and why the great resignation doesn’t have to threaten your DEI efforts.



  • The most beautiful things about writing a book
  • Avoidable mistakes companies make in their DEI efforts
  • How Deanna settled on the title of her new book
  • How writing and publishing a book is like having a baby
  • Understanding the privileges you probably didn’t realize you had
  • Ways a legacy-driven mindset will define your leadership
  • The negative impacts of inequity in organizations
  • The great resignation and why we can no longer ignore it
  • DEI in the remote working environment




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