4 Ways to Activate Your Purpose

March 31, 2022

I often have conversations with people who have a strong vision or sense of purpose. They’re driven by a particular passion or cause; they know what they want to achieve in life. Where these passionate individuals tend to run into trouble, however, is activating their vision. They have broad, grandiose ideas…but they need to give those ideas wings and coax them to fly.

How can you transition from the idea phase to the action phase? Let’s discuss some of my tried-and-true methods for activating your purpose.

In the meantime, if you need to take a step back and articulate your purpose, check out my past blog post on writing a purpose statement.


1. Focus on Your "Hustle"


The word hustle often comes with negative connotations, but to me, hustle is simply the way you choose to move in the world. It is constant motion and momentum, the driving force that moves you forward, despite obstacles and setbacks.

When you focus on moving forward, you start to see opportunities. You find ways to jump over or skirt around the obstacles. You become less concerned with perfection and more focused on your GO. Your movement. Your hustle.

When attempting to make a vision a reality, this forward motion is essential. Focus on that, rather than your hang-ups.

2. Actualize Your Dreams


Dreams can be powerful, but they are ultimately limited to the motivation and movement of the dreamer. Many celebrities, athletes, and public figures use visualization to picture their future successes and guide them to greatness, but this “vivid daydreaming” is only the first step in the process.

Start by picturing your future accomplishments in detail. See the classroom where you’ll teach troubled youth how to paint. Picture the shop where you’ll sell plus-sized clothing or handmade soap or books written by underrepresented authors. Then, use your visualizations to guide your actions!

Start inquiring about classroom or retail space. Start selling your handmade soaps. Begin putting together a list of inclusive books. A dream can be a springboard for action.

3. Activate


Purposeful Hustlers do not wait for permission or sit around for the perfect moment. They act. They DO.

It is far too easy to come up with excuses to not act. You might be short on cash or time. You might not know how to properly comply with local laws (see my blog post on the 6 People to Have in Your Court). You might simply be scared.

Banish those excuses! Instead, focus on the things that are within your power. What action steps can you take today? If you’d like to beautify your neighborhood, can you gather some neighbors together to help plant flowers? Or set up a community forum? Or call a local garden center and ask for donations? Believe me, there is always an action step (or several!) you can take TODAY.

4. Lead


One of the immediate side-effects you’ll probably experience once you start activating your purpose is a call to leadership. Others will observe you living out your purpose and taking action. They will be inspired by your motivation and willingness to put yourself, and your ideas, out there. Some people might start asking how they can help; others will ask you for guidance on how to put meaningful work at the center of their lives.

A Purposeful Hustler rises to the occasion and leads. This might mean leading team gatherings, meeting with other motivated individuals, or engaging in public speaking. If you truly care about your purpose, this is no time to be shy! Take the podium, boldly talk about your hustle, and inspire others to follow your journey.


When it comes to living out your purpose, dreams are not enough. Start with a strong vision, and allow that vision to motivate and guide your actions. I come from a long line of hard workers and dreamers, and I understand the power of action. Don’t wait around for your dream to be realized; get up, tap into your motivation, and do.

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