The Power of Purpose: Finding Joy in Personal Development

July 9, 2019

"Deanna, where do you get all that energy from? You always seem like you're so full of joy." I get these comments often and I love when people say it.  I'm so happy most of the times because I spend all my time thinking about purpose and how I get to live in my purpose. When focused on purpose, finding joy is not a stretch. 

Finding joy is something that happens very naturally. How is purpose connected to this idea of joy? To me, it seems pretty simple. When you are working in your purpose, there are three major things that are always happening.


you can articulate why

You are able to articulate exactly why you're doing things. When you know that you're using your time and your energy to try to make something else better, that just fills you up with energy, excitement, and joy. With your purpose as a core principle, the rest of your time can be full because you know why you're doing things.  At the end of the day, you might be like, 'oh my gosh, I'm so tired,' but you can still be happy because you know why you're tired. 


When living in your purpose, you are doing what you love. You're doing the things you're good at doing. You're doing something challenging and fun. In other words, you're spending more time winning and who doesn't get energy from winning? Winning is motivating and it's such a great feeling.  The more you win, you are going to feel more joyful and other people will see that joy.


You get to impact things and see change because of the work you're doing. You get to see things change because of the time and energy that you're putting in. There is something so amazing about seeing the fruits of your labor. When I'm living in my purpose and when I'm doing things that are purposeful and I look around me and I see I'm having a positive impact with the people that I love and the communities that I love, I get re-energized.  It fills me back up again!



Do you want to feel more joy? Do you want to smile more? Do you want people to come to you and say, "where do you get all that energy from, why are you so excited all the time? Where is your happiness coming from?" If you want an answer to all of those questions and you want to feel that more, I encourage you to understand your purpose and live more in that purpose so that you can experience that joy because it is a natural byproduct. Until next week, live with purpose and hustle with purpose!

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