Use Your Privilege to Uplift Others

November 11, 2021

Sheilina Henry is the Senior Vice President of Diversity Equity and Inclusion at Bloomin’ Brands, Inc. She's responsible for cultivating an environment that celebrates diverse backgrounds while providing equitable access to opportunity. Sheilina has had a variety of roles within the company, but is now leading their diversity, equity and inclusion work. She is working to help make sure that everybody, whether you're coming into the dining space or whether you're on the team, is having a wonderful and inclusive experience.

The restaurant industry is no stranger to diversity. However, Sheilina shares that the past 18-months have revealed diversity gaps within the industry, disparities, and lack of resources. She also details some of her personal experiences that have shaped the way she approaches both DEI work and work that she does within the food industry, and how important it is to share these experiences to build trust and safe spaces with others. To connect with Sheilina, you can find her on LinkedIn:

Topics In This Episode

  • The importance of adaptability not only to the food industry, but to all industries and organizations

  • Focusing on internal talent

  • How to initiate change

  • Leading with honesty and difficult conversations

  • Implementing self-care

  • Understanding and using your privilege in order to lift others up

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