The Power of Humor: Lightening Up Serious Situations

March 17, 2020

No one could tell a joke like Big Mama. She was always great at keeping things in perspective especially when people were stressed.  This week's vlog is about how humor can help you get past serious situations.

i was taught to not take myself so seriously

Big Mama could walk into any room and make people smile.  It was awesome! Even in the most heavy moments of life, my grandmother knew how to bring out joy.

she would tell me all the time 

"Deanna, stop taking yourself so seriously!" 

Or if someone was mad at me: 

"Calm down!  He'll get glad in the same pants he got mad in."

Or things like: 

"Tomorrow is coming.  It's coming!  Just calm down!" 

She told these awesome jokes and make you laugh.  The kind of jokes that would make you laugh for days and years to come. 

but one of my favorite things she did... 

Big Mama would love tell inappropriate jokes. She would especially love to tell them to pastors.  Even though she was a super-religious woman, she couldn't help to tell inappropriate jokes to pastors --> a joke, that would make anyone blush. 

It was so fascinating to see how pastors would turn red trying to figure out whether they should laugh of be serious. It was an awkward and funny moment.  Eventually, the laughter won.  They always gave into the laughter. 

It was awesome to share these moments because it made people more personable and more human. Everybody around them felt more connected because we giggled together.

Are you taking yourself seriously?  If so, stop!  There's too much stuff in this world to get stuck in all the seriousness. 

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