Renewal: Overcoming DEI Fatigue

February 27, 2024

Are you feeling fatigue in navigating the complexities of diversity, equity, and inclusion? In the latest episode of the Uplifting Impact podcast, Justin Ponder and Deanna Singh dive deep into the role of rest in overcoming diversity, equity, and inclusion fatigue.

In this enlightening conversation, Justin and Deanna discuss how intentionally taking time to rest can have a profound impact on relationships, helping to refine them and foster a culture of inclusion. They emphasize the importance of understanding different perspectives, including those resistant to change, and how rest can give us the clarity we need to empathize and engage in meaningful dialogue.

But it doesn't stop there. The power of rest and reflection is also explored, as Justin and Deanna explore how taking time for ourselves can enhance our personal impact. By slowing down and engaging in self-reflection, we can recharge, gain new insights, and show up as our best selves in creating positive change.

Don't miss out on this captivating episode that offers practical insights on overcoming diversity, equity, and inclusion fatigue. Listen now, share with others, and subscribe to the Uplifting Impact podcast for more thought-provoking conversations that will empower you to make a difference.


  •  Importance of rest in the context of diversity, equity, and inclusion work
  • Rest as a season and its impact on relationships and self-reflection

  • Reframing challenges as learning and inclusivity opportunities

  • Emphasis on slowing down and understanding opposing perspectives

  • Recognizing the value and perspectives of all individuals

  • Modifying approaches to include those resistant to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts

  • Reclaiming personal power through rest, relationships, and understanding

  • Seeing moments of rest and reflection as opportunities and gifts


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