The Power of Diversity and Active Listening in the Workplace

May 6, 2021

Lori Costew is the Chief Diversity Officer and Director of People Strategy at Ford Motor Company. In her role, she oversees corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion and all of the efforts within the company to cultivate a sense of belonging and to advance the company’s mission and business objectives, and ensures that Ford strategy supports all of the corporate goals and the transformation efforts within the organization. In our conversation, we talk about the importance of DEI for such a large enterprise and some of the strategies Lori has used, particularly in the area of leadership and listening. To connect with Lori and learn more, you can find her on LinkedIn.

Topics In This Episode

  • The relationship between diversity and innovation
  • Communication strategies within the Ford organization
  • Different styles of listening sessions
  • Changes made based on employee engagement surveys and polling
  • A strategy for creating empathy among leadership
  • The motivation for change
  • Creating psychological safe places for employees
  • How to continue the work, outside of the listening sessions


LinkedIn: Lori Costew


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