The Power of Micro-Behaviors in a Changing Workforce

August 15, 2023

Are you struggling to create a more inclusive and collaborative work environment? In this episode of the Uplifting Impact podcast, host Justin Ponder sits down with Artell Smith to discuss the power of micro-behaviors in a changing workforce.

As an accomplished professional in HR, talent development, and program management, Artell Smith brings a unique perspective to the conversation. He emphasizes the importance of managers intervening quickly when addressing ill-timed or ill-formed comments and highlights the power of appreciative inquiry and generativity.

But it's not just about addressing negative behaviors. Artell also explains how leaders can create a positive work environment by focusing on small, positive micro-behaviors over time. As an author of three forthcoming books, including "No Time to Waste: Micro-Behaviors: Leveraging the Little Things to Become a Better Leader," Artell provides valuable insights on how great business leaders manage negative and positive micro-behaviors to drive individual and team performance.

Don't miss out on this valuable conversation. Tune in to the Uplifting Impact podcast and learn how you can improve team dynamics and create an inclusive work environment through the power of micro-behaviors.


  • Artell Smith’s background
  • Artell’s comfort with science fiction writing
  • The inspiration behind Artell’s book " No Time to Waste: Micro-Behaviors: Leveraging the Little Things to Become a Better Leader”
  • The importance of micro behaviors in improving team dynamics
  • How immediate intervention addresses ill-timed or ill-formed comments
  • Appreciative inquiry as a powerful micro behavior for managers
  • The concept of generativity in supporting younger generations
  • Encouraging hesitant individuals to share ideas through inclusive environments
  • Self-regulation and pre-calibration for leaders in creating collaborative environments
  • Recognizing negative micro-behaviors and mindset shift towards inclusion


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