Bringing the Human Back to Human Resources w/ Andre Nellams

November 4, 2021

Andre Nellams is a human resource leader with more than 20 years of HR experience. In his current role as Senior Director of Talent Acquisition & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Accolade, Inc., he focuses on strategies that introduce, build and implement human resources programs and initiatives that deliver key results. He also enjoys creating and being a part of a work environment where the sense of belonging is true and honest.

In our conversation, Andre shares many helpful strategies for approaching this work for those that may be new to DEI as well as for those who have been doing this work for a while. We discuss inherent bias, the importance of one-on-one conversations, and how to use the data that you gather to build policies and practices that will result in positive change. Andre also shares a strong sense of family and community, and how his passion for success shows up for him and impacts those around him. To connect with Andre, you can find him on LinkedIn:

Topics In This Episode

  • Every aspect of a business (even in technology and automation) has a human element

  • Adapting policies and procedures for current events

  • The relationship between human resources and DEI practices

  • Creating momentum and enthusiastic support around HR policies and initiatives

  • Understanding who your target is in order to move the needle forward

  • The process for understanding the status quo to then build thoughtful initiatives

  • DEI burnout and strategies to prevent it

  • Approaching DEI from the perspective of intersectionality

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