Supporting Workplace Mental Health for a Diverse Workforce

April 22, 2021

Leyla Okhai is the founder and director of Diverse Minds UK LTD, which aims to create a positively productive workplace for all through training, coaching and consultancy, by focusing on wellbeing and mental health. Leyla is also the host of the Diverse Minds podcast, a weekly show about race equality, mental health, and inclusion for a modern world. In our conversation, we discuss the eurocentric approach to mental health, particularly in the workplace. And we also talk about some of the shifts she is seeing and that she recommends to employers in order to recognize the needs of a diverse workforce.

Topics in this episode

  • What inspired Leyla do begin doing this work
  • Mental health recovery is more than just time off of work
  • How to make mental health a priority in the work place
  • Different approaches for mental health nourishment
  • Recognizing the different needs of various races and nationalities
  • Ensuring cultural awareness around mental support for employees and organization members
  • Thinking about the impact of the pandemic on different groups



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