The Power of Examining Company Culture: A Key to Success

February 18, 2020

A company's success is largely dependent on its culture.  There's a saying: "culture eats strategy for breakfast."  Before you take on a position at a new company, are you taking time to examine its culture?  I didn't at first and it got me into hot water. Learn about the value of considering culture in this week's #Failsume.


The other day a good friend of mine called to talk through a job offer.  He was excited about the prospects of joining a new organization but a few minutes into the conversation, his excitement changed to concern.

Now that was not my intention. I was happy for my friend and glad that he was getting a new opportunity. what happened? Why did our conversation take a turn? 


Well, I started to ask him a bunch of questions about the organization’s culture that he could not answer. 

  • Are people happy? 
  • Do people move throughout the organization in reasonable time 
  • Is there opportunity for growth? 
  • What are the conversations internally like around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion? 
  • What kinds of leaders thrive? 
  • Why have other people left? 

I had a long list of questions and you might be wondering where I got them from. I have been able to come up with my list of organizational culture questions based on things I WISH I had asked in other roles. 

One of the mistakes I have made in the past, is not fully understanding the kind of culture I was walking into.  

If you are considering a new role, before you accept, sit down and write a bunch of questions about culture that you would want to ask and if you are not looking at a role, this is even better time for you to create a list of what you love and what you could do without in your current culture.  The likelihood that you are going to move to another role, if not now, sometime in you career is high.  

Knowing what you are looking for will help you know if you have found it! 

Do you know what kind of work culture you would thrive in? 


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