Mastering Time Management: Prioritizing Your Purpose and Goals

February 20, 2019

Even for the Purposeful Hustler, managing time effectively can be a major struggle. We have endless to-do lists, only 24 hours in a day, and most importantly, a world to change! Every day can feel like a battle to just stay afloat, much less to swim forward. We are confronted with the most pressing question: Where do we even start?

When we think about time management, the most difficult thing is figuring out what to do first. Luckily, there are some tricks that we can use to get us on the right path.

Time management is ALL about prioritizing, and also about keeping things as simple as possible.

Each morning, I like to think about the top three things that day that are going to keep me aligned to my purpose and my goals. Before my feet even hit the floor, I list those top three things in my head. Then, I try to do those things first, after my morning routine. I knock out my priorities right away in the morning. That way, if I am able to get those things out of the way, I don't have to worry about the rest of the day.  Everything else I do is icing on the cake! You’d be surprised by how much more productive you will be and how much more accomplished you will feel by breaking each day down to the three most important tasks, and then actually completing them.

In addition to making this mental list every morning, I spend a bit of time on Sunday (like 5 minutes) thinking about what those three things might be for the week as a whole. Framing my week helps me feel more connected to my purpose with each day. It gives me overarching goals for how to structure my time and where to spend my energy day to day.

Though the tasks and responsibilities we have are daunting, they’re all part of our hustle. By thoughtfully and strategically allocating our time, we can give ourselves the space and opportunity to live more fully into our purposes.


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