Nature vs. Nurture Debate: Does Hustle Come from Within or Experience?

May 18, 2020

In one of my sessions, I got asked a fabulous question. An audience member wanted to know: is hustle (how you show up in the world) nature or is hustle nurture? Now for those of you who have never heard that distinction before, let me break it down.

difference between nature and nurture

When somebody is thinking about nature, they are referring to your innate talents and skills. The things that come naturally to you. On the other hand, nurture is something that you had to learn over time based on your experiences and the opportunities you had and the different people you've met.

I love that the audience member brought this point up because it was in a perfect opportunity to share something I feel strongly about. So, let me tell you the answer! Is hustle nature, or is it nurture? Guess what! It's both!  


Hustle is a little bit of nature and a little bit nurture.

There are some things that you're going to be born with that are natural skills. You don't think anything about doing them. And then there's going to be other things that you picked up along the way. Things that you've learned, that people have taught you, and that you've experienced firsthand.


You have a decision to make.

What's so awesome about your Purposeful Hustle is that you get to decide how much is going to be nature and how much is going to be nurture! What are the best things that you can take from what you just were innately born with? And what are the best things that you have learned along the way? What are the items from both of those categories that are going to make you stronger? What is going to get you closer to your purpose?

When you intentionally answer those questions, that's how you get the best Purposeful Hustle mix. Purposeful Hustle is a little nature and a little nurture. It is the best of both of those things!


Your Challenge!

I hope that you will spend some time reflecting on what you're born with and what you have gained along the way and how you want to blend those things to make your unique, Purposeful Hustle!


Hustle with Purpose!



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