The 6 People Small Biz Owners Need

March 17, 2022

If you’re like me, you probably think you can do it all. You are independent, have a DIY attitude, and set a ridiculously high bar for yourself. Even when you know you should ask for help, you don’t. You keep pushing until you’re burned out, or until you realize you should have called upon a professional to build your website or run your marketing campaign.

If this all sounds a little too familiar, I challenge you to shift your thinking. You cannot and should not do everything yourself.

For one, you are not an expert in everything (nor should you be!), and sometimes it’s best to hire out work that isn’t in your wheelhouse. Secondly, you’re busy! You frankly don’t have time to do everything yourself, and hiring out/delegating certain tasks can free up your schedule so you can tackle the work you’re passionate about—work that’s at the core of your business.

To help your business grow and flourish, consider engaging the services of the following six people...

1. An IT Professional

When it comes to building a website, setting up an automated newsletter, dealing with an online security breech, or any number of technical tasks, it often pays to hire a professional. Sure, you might have some baseline tech skills, but do you have the ability to customize an entire website? Or the know-how to create a pop-up signup form?

When you’re searching for an IT professional, be sure to ask to see their work profile. Some people may have plenty of technical skills, but lack an eye for design or are unfamiliar with UX design (essentially, making interfaces user-friendly). Search for an IT professional on NYC Tech Talent or Turing.

2. A Lawyer

No one wants to have to call a lawyer, but it’s a good idea to connect with one anyway, just in case you need their services. If you’re just starting your business, it’s smart to contact a lawyer to help you write contracts, figure out employment regulations/policies, and ensure you’re complying with state and federal laws right out of the gate. If you’re an established business, you may need legal help if someone threatens a lawsuit or if you need to collect on a debt.

You could opt to use a cost-effective online legal service, such as LegalZoom or LegalShield, or you could enlist the services of a local law firm. Either way, it’s wise to do your due diligence to make sure you’re working with a reputable lawyer with a good track record (and not Saul Goodman types!)

3. A Freelance Writer

It’s usually fairly straightforward to delegate writing and/or editing tasks to a freelance writer. Consider hiring a freelance writer to write articles, website copy, marketing material, or even eBooks. An experienced writer should have a robust portfolio of past work that you can review. They may also keep a list of past clients you could call for a personal testimonial.

Consider tapping into your connections by putting a call out on social media or searching for writers through LinkedIn. You might also reach out to those who write a lot of content for their business (blog posts, articles, etc.) and ask if they use a ghostwriter. If so, see if they’ll give you a referral.

If you’d like to tackle the writing yourself but are interested in hiring an editor, consider searching the Professional Editors Network’s directory.

4. A Marketing Professional

From social media to ad campaigns, it can be smart (and cost effective!) to hire a marketing professional. In a world where social media algorithms are constantly changing, it’s difficult to know how best to market your products or services. Instead of spending hours and hours researching marketing on HubSpot or sitting in on marketing webinars, why not hire someone who works full-time in marketing? Any skilled marketing freelancer will be aware of the latest marketing trends, what works and what doesn’t, and how to set up an effective marketing campaign. They should also know how to measure results by utilizing analytics programs.

Find marketing freelancers in the same way you would a freelance writer. Tap into your connections, search on LinkedIn, or ask for referrals from those who have run effective marketing campaigns. You can also search on reputable sites like Mayple.

5. An Accountant

Does looking at a wall of numbers make you want to weep? Good news! You can easily hire out accounting services. Accounting assistants can do everything from entering expenses into spreadsheets, to tax prep, to running quarterly reports.

Search for accounting help through inDinero, Bench Accounting, or Pilot (bookkeeping program + personalized help).

6. A Virtual Assistant

If you are either A) fairly disorganized or B) very busy, you might consider hiring a virtual assistant. For many business owners, it’s easy to feel like you’re spread too thin and have too many projects and responsibilities to juggle. A virtual assistant can help with scheduling meetings, delegating tasks, or reminding you of deadlines. In truth, they are critical if you want to take your business to the next level.

If you live in the United States, two reputable, U.S.-based companies for virtual assistants are Remote CoWorker and RemSource.


Here’s the bottom line: It’s worth it to have other people in your corner. Whether you’re trying to free up some time, grow your business, or tackle something outside your area of expertise, it can be well worth it to hire help. Do your research and find experienced, capable people to support your business. Believe me, they’re out there!

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