Purpose as a Multiplier: How Your Purpose Can Impact Others

July 23, 2019

Hey there friends! This week I want to talk about Purpose as a Multiplier.

Understanding, living, and working in your purpose is definitely a life-changing experience.  What happens when your purpose multiplies in other people?  Watch the video below to find out. 

when people talk to me after engagements

After an engagement, people often come and ask me how I measure whether or not what I'm doing is making an impact. There are many different data points you can look at when you're thinking about whether or not your purpose is making an impact. But it’s going to be particular to your purpose. 


i love data 

For me, I love to look at the data and see whether or not things are moving in the right direction or whether or not I’m working closer to shifting power to marginalized communities.


We can look at the products that we're putting out and the different things we're working on. Are more people getting engaged in spaces that otherwise wouldn't feel like they could get engaged in? We can look at how many books are being sold, how many people are engaging with us on social media, etc.


For me, the number one thing I look at is whether or not people are reaching out to say that they are now engaging in their Purposeful Hustle because of some of the things that they've done to interact with my company, Flying Elephant.


Now, for me, it’s number one thing I’m tracking because I want to understand whether or not what I'm doing is helping to multiply these blessings, opportunities, and experiences I've had throughout my life. I am always looking if people are saying ‘look, I was stuck. I really wanted to do this thing, but I didn't know how to get past it. But then I read the book or I listened to a blog or I, you know, engage with you at an engagement or a speaking keynote and that really helped me get past the thing that I was afraid of or past the place where I was stuck and now. I'm doing X, Y, Z.'


When I get this kind of feedback through email or social media comments, those are the moments I am collecting, those are the ones that have the most value because those are the moments where purpose is being multiplied.


When you think about purpose and you about how you're going to measure yourself, one of the number one things you can do -- no matter what industry you're in -- is to look at whether or not what you are doing is helping other people do what they need to do.


You are going to know that you're at one of the highest levels of living in your purpose because your purpose will be become a multiplier. This is my absolute favorite thing about living in my purpose. Those moments where I'm able to do something that's able to help someone else thrive, catapult into the next level and/or live out their purpose.

I want to challenge you as you're thinking about your purpose: how can you do it in a way that actually engages other people in a way that helps other people live in their purpose too.

I could be out here doing my thing, helping marginalized communities move towards more power (which is important to me), but if I was doing that and I wasn't sharing the mistakes that I made along the way, I wasn't sharing how I got there, then my purpose wouldn’t multiply. 


So that's what I want you to do: think about not just what you're doing in your purpose space, but what you're doing to take what you're learning, and share those more broadly so you can help multiply your purpose.

Can't wait to see you next week until then, Hustle with Purpose.

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