Did You Know Your Purpose Will Change Over Time?

May 12, 2020

Wondering if your purpose can change?  The answer is yes.  Your purpose probably should change as you grow and have more experiences.

did you know your purpose will change over time?

I want to share something with you that's so important. Your Purpose is likely to change over time! This is another question I get all of the time. People want to know whether or not their Purpose, once they write it down, whether or not that commitment is something they are going to have to live by for the rest of their life! 


growth will change your purpose

First of all, you should want to live your life following your Purpose!  Because you are so excited about it. But that does not mean that it has to stay the same. As you learn more and have more experience, it is 100% likely that your Purpose is going to change some.  

In my own experience, I used to say that my Purpose was to multiply the blessings and experiences and opportunities that I've been given for others. But what I learned over time is that while that's still very important and a critical component of the way that I show up in the world, I've also learned that what you want to focus on is power. Having experiences and opportunities without power is not good enough. 

Growth Image

I believe that when you shift power to someone, you see the most potential for growth. So, the idea of multiplication grew into this idea of power. That has been my journey, but yours is going to be something that's completely different.


here's how it works

Maybe you start with a concept of trying to lift young people, and then you realize that it's not just lifting young people, but it's lifting a particular segment of young people. Maybe your area of Purpose is to write and share the ideas that you have with the world. But as you start to get into it, you realize that there's a specific niche that you are the most passionate about. 

These things are going to evolve because we're going to have different experiences informing    our Purpose. 


build on your growth

The point here is not to get to a purpose statement and feel like you're stuck there for life. The point is to get to something that can be a platform for you to grow. So, this week, think about how your Purpose has changed over time. Maybe your Purpose is changing right now at this moment. Embrace that as part of this beautiful process! Continue to Hustle with Purpose!


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