Automate Your Life: Time-Saving Techniques for a More Productive You

June 25, 2019

Repetitive tasks are sucking time out of your schedule.  Let's talk about automation! This amazing technique can create more space for you to live in your Purposeful Hustle.


A couple of years ago, some girlfriends and I would get together on like a monthly basis for craft night where we would bring projects that we were working on like wedding invitations, baby books or scrapbooks. During one of these craft nights we talked about how hard it was to find time during the day to do all of the things that we had on our to do list.

I said to them, "you know what? I think what I'm going to try and do is automate all of the things that I don't want to be doing. All of the things that really are basically annoying and not helping me move forward in the goals that I set." They all thought it was hilarious. I thought it was a good challenge and for the next month, I forced myself to figure out what I could take off of my plate and automate.


I automated so many things! I used a grocery service, a virtual assistant  and a number of other things for a lower cost than what it would take for me to do it. Quite frankly, many of them did it with a better outcome.

Then I started to think, 'what are some other things that I'm currently doing that I don't necessarily need to be putting as much energy into and how do I get to be more efficient?'

Automation is something you hear from big companies because they have money to outsource their repetitive tasks to machines.  You can do it to for no to low-cost too!  Below are some really simple techniques you can use on your own to create more space and more time.

example 1:  email automation 

How much time does email take from our schedules on a daily basis? If we wanted, we could probably spend a majority of our day on email.  It's just a mess, right?

I decided to create a document called 'Templates.' The very first time I realized I'm creating an email that's basically the same as one that I've created before, I put it into my 'Templates.'  This document allows me to use my own set of customized messages.  When I write an email, I don't have to start from the very beginning with 'what should I write? How should I say it? What's the best way to say it?' I open up my document, do a quick search, pull out that email, make a few adjustments, and send it. What would your life look like if you could eliminate 25, 35, 40 per cent of your emails by just creating one document where you store your templates? It's an amazing technique.

example 2: packing my bags

I travel often.  Before automation, I had to figure out what to pack each and every time I had a trips like conferences, family vacations, and speaking engagements. It was a nightmare.

One night, I decided go online and I found a packing list that I love. You can find it here!

Every time I'm about to pack my suitcase, I print a copy of this packing list (on both sides so I can save paper). Having it printed is really helpful for me.  I take it and then I go through it. Every time I pack, no matter if I took a trip the day before or two days before, I still use the list every single time. It eliminates the mistakes I make and takes away the need for me to think about packing every time. 

There are lists for all kinds of things all over my house. Lists for what I need for my kids in the morning, lists to help me understand what I have to take when I go to an event , and others.



Go ahead and start automating things and free up some space in your brain so you can be more focused on your purpose. Can't wait to see you all next week. In the meantime, don't forget: Hustle with Purpose!

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