Health Equity and Why It Matters

March 3, 2022

Dr. Christopher Cross is a biomedical engineer, anatomist, neuroscientist, population geneticist, cancer biologist, LGBTQ+ advocate, and entrepreneur. He leads Cross River Strategies, a US-based boutique consulting firm that uses community engagement and scientific research to power health equity strategies and services across biotech, pharma, and academic institutions. He served as a congressional science fellow on Capitol Hill during the 113th Congress, and a principal investigator for the Center for Community Engagement and Health Equity within Yale Cancer Center.

In this episode, Justin talks with Dr. Cross about what it means to do the work of health equity where it overlaps with diversity, equity, and inclusion, and how it is different. Dr. Cross makes the argument that while health equity officers may not be critical to all organizations, it’s important to investigate the importance of this work and this role so that DEI officers can include this work in the strategies they implement for employees, patients, and end-users. Justin and Dr. Cross also look at the difference between what it means to be performative versus creating transformational change. To learn more about Cross River Strategies, you can find them at:

Topics In This Episode

  • The role of DEI versus Health Equity within an organization

  • Identifying where health equity strategies could impact an organization

  • The business case for health equity

  • How much it costs to ignore health inequities

  • Looking at the need for specialization in the health equity space.


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