Vote on Human Lines: How to Vote with Purpose

November 5, 2018

Tomorrow is election day. And no matter how stressful and exhausting the current state of politics may feel, we as Purposeful Hustlers know that it’s so important to vote. And in true Purposeful Hustler fashion, we know that it’s not only important to just vote, but it’s important that we vote with purpose. Taking action is central to who we are. We know that apathy is not an option for someone sincerely pursuing their purpose.

Election seasons can feel daunting. Headlines can be devastating. Conversations can be intimidating. Especially in this moment--when stakes are high and polarization is higher--it can feel so much easier to avoid thinking and talking about politics in our daily lives.

Rather than thinking about tomorrow’s election as a chore or a point of stress, I challenge you to think about it as an opportunity. This is a chance to take an action that matters in pursuit of your purpose. I challenge you to embrace a new paradigm this election season. Rather than voting on party lines, I challenge you to vote on human lines.

A lot has been lost in translation in our hostile party system. A lot of times I feel as though our purpose has been lost. When we get too caught up in one party versus the other, when we roll with the tides of what we think we’re supposed to believe or back away from tough conversations because of the barriers and division we feel, we lose something. Those hard lines prevent us from getting to the heart of the issues, the messiness and the humanity of the challenges we face as a society. We lose sight of what we have in common and how we can work together. When we make decisions, we should be thinking about how we intersect and how we depend on each other.

This is a chance for us to pause and reflect before we hit the polls, to connect our civic duty with our greater purpose. Will you join me?

When voting on human lines, ask yourself the following questions before you reach for your ballot:

  • We know that behind every policy are human beings. Who are the people who will be most directly affected by the candidate’s proposed policies?
    • Will those most directly affected be affected positively or negatively? In what ways?
    • Do the ways that people will be affected differ from one candidate to the next?
    • How will the candidate’s proposed policies impact my neighbors from all areas of the city, state and country?
    • In what ways will the candidate’s proposed policies affect people in my community of all ages, incomes, genders, races, ethnicities, abilities or other identities?
  • Does my vote honor the dignity of all people?
  • Do the candidate’s proposed policies support the greater good?
  • Does my vote make me feel more connected to my purpose? Why or why not?
    • Is there a way I could approach this election that would make me feel more connected to my purpose?

As Purposeful Hustlers, we are held to much higher standards than the bars being set by political parties. We are held accountable to our purpose and to our role in pursuing the greater good. We are held accountable to each other and our collective wellbeing. We know that ultimately, we all belong to the same human party, and we should vote accordingly.

Tomorrow, I’ll be voting with purpose. Can I count on you to do the same?

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