How To Be A Responsible DEI Leader

September 9, 2021

Sharon Harvey Davis is the VP of Diversity Equity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer for Ameren. In her role, she is responsible for leading all DEI strategic efforts, including diversity training, employee resource groups, diversity communications, and the executive diversity council. Under Sharon's leadership, Ameren has been ranked as one of the nation's top utilities by DiversityInc for 12 consecutive years.

Throughout her 19 years of experience with Ameren, Sharon has seen many changes within the diversity space. She shares some of the developments and progressions that have taken place, both within Ameren and with diversity work overall. We discuss some challenges she has faced, and some of the coming trends for DEI work as well. To connect with Sharon, you can find her on Linked In:

Topics In This Episode

  • The responsibility of DEI to both recruit new people, and ensure a sense of belonging and engagement within the organization

  • How Ameren fosters equitability among team members

  • The impact that external events have within a company or organization

  • DEI’s role in corporate strategy

  • Building networks and credibility within an organization to create influence

  • The difference in expectations that millennials have on their employers, how that differs from previous generations, and what companies should do to ensure retention and engagement

  • How analytics are key in order to create strategic programs


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