Sitting at the Leadership Table: Importance and Confidence

June 3, 2020

Minda Harts is someone I’ve been dying to have a conversation with, so I’m excited to have her on and talk with her, and to share this with you. Minda is the CEO of The Memo LLC, a career-development platform for women of color. She’s the bestselling author of The Memo; What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table. She frequently speaks on topics such as leadership, managing diverse teams, and self-advocacy. She also hosts a weekly podcast called Secure the Seat. In our conversation she shares some important insights about how to make the most of it once you get to the table, creating a legacy, and some of the important things allies can do to be helpful in the workplace, and beyond.

Topics in this episode

  • You’re not alone. There are other people experiencing what you’re experiencing.
  • If you care about your workplace, then it starts with understanding how each of our colleagues is bringing themselves to work.
  • Creating a better work environment with awareness
  • Having to lean into your own courage throughout the publishing process. If not me, then who?
  • Success is not a solo sport. It’s bigger than the individual.
  • Using your voice. Securing your seat at the table, and creating space for others to be able to join.
  • We can’t fully secure any seat if we’re constantly wondering why we’re there, and what others are thinking of us.


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Thank you again to Minda Harts for coming on Uplifting Impact. We talked about acts of courage both big and small. I encourage you all to take a step outside your comfort zone and to help ensure that we all are getting the opportunity to come to the table. And as always, make sure that you are moving in this world in a way that allows us to create more diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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