7 Books to Fuel Your Purposeful Hustle

September 29, 2021

What do successful Purposeful Hustlers like Oprah Winfrey, Pharrell Williams, Bill Gates, and Michelle Obama have in common? They all enjoy reading and acknowledge the transformative power of books. And I wholeheartedly agree! Books can be informative or inspirational. They can fuel dreams, broaden horizons, and introduce us to perspectives that are far different from our own.

Books are a vital tool for any individual seeking to make a positive impact. Whether you’re hoping to start a new business, improve communication, capitalize on your talents, or elevate your motivation, books can deliver. Try reading a few pages every morning, listening to audiobooks at the gym, or setting aside some time during your lunch break to read. Even if you’re only able to read a few pages daily, it all counts!

Which books will fuel your Purposeful Hustle by delivering valuable information and motivation? The following list is a good place to start:

1. Self-Made by A’Lelia Bundles

Following the life of Madam C.J. Walker, Self-Made is all about having the grit, business acumen, and willpower to build an ultra-successful business. As the daughter of formerly enslaved parents, Madam C.J. Walker (born Sarah Breedlove) had the vision and determination to build an enormously successful hair-care empire from the few resources she had. Her hustle was also purpose-driven, since she became known for her philanthropy and political activism.

Read if you’re looking for an inspiring true story to motivate your hustle.

2. Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Too often, businesses (and individuals) concern themselves with logistics—the what and the how—but fail to focus on the “why.” Why do what you’re doing? What is your vision? How can you (and your business or initiative) help others? In Start With Why, Simon Sinek explores the power of asking “why” before plunging into any new venture. By focusing on purpose, we can help others understand our vision and inspire them to take action.

Read if you want to pursue leadership with a purpose.

3. Grit by Angela Duckworth

Author Angela Duckworth has spent nearly a decade studying the power of grit. Grit can be defined (according to Duckworth) as one’s “passion and perseverance.” Why do some people fail, while others in similar circumstances succeed? The answer, Duckworth found, often boils down to an individual’s grit.

Read if you’d like to take a fascinating dive into a key personality trait of Purposeful Hustlers.

4. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements is an international bestseller for a reason: many people can relate to its core message. The book discusses limiting beliefs—the things we tell ourselves that hold us back. How often do you believe that you’re not good enough or capable enough? How often do you see yourself fail, instead of succeed? Author Don Miguel Ruiz turns these limiting beliefs on their heads by delivering a different way of thinking, based on traditional wisdom from his Toltec ancestors.

Read if your negative self-talk is getting in the way of your success.

5. Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

Given Shonda Rhimes’s credentials (creator and/or producer for major TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder), it’s difficult to believe she has struggled with anxiety and self-confidence. Instead of taking risks and trying new things, she would often stay safely within her comfort zone. All that changed when she resolved to live boldly and say YES to everything that frightened her for one year. This inspirational, empowering read is full of heart and empowerment.

Read if you need a courage boost.

6. The $100 Startup By Chris Guillebeau

If you think you need thousands of dollars to start a new business endeavor, author Chris Guillebeau is ready to tell you otherwise. He interviewed 1,500 successful business owners that started their endeavors on a shoestring budget, often as little as $100. Learn practical lessons and tips from entrepreneurs in many industries that you can apply to your own business. If you’d like to learn more about accessing free business resources, click here.

Read if you’re hoping to start a business with a limited budget.

7. The Greatest You by Trent Shelton

A former football star, Trent Shelton’s life took a dark turn after he was faced with a series of personal hardships and tragedies. Instead of sinking under the weight of his troubles, he remade himself, rose above his grief, and began to live life on his own terms. He wrote The Greatest You to help guide and inspire others to define their paths, overcome hardships and difficult environments, and ultimately achieve their goals.

Read if you need guidance to overcome difficult obstacles and redefine your life’s path.


There are hundreds of books out there (including my own book, Purposeful Hustle) that can guide your vision and help deliver the drive and direction you need. I encourage you to track down a few titles that appeal to you, and start reading! Developing a reading habit is an excellent way to build skills, ideas, and motivation to drive your Purposeful Hustle.

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