DEI Is Not “One Size Fits All”

August 26, 2021

Excited to share a recent conversation with Girish Ganesan, a strategic leader and innovative thinker with a passion for improving organizational performance. In his current role as the Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at TD Bank Group, he is responsible for overseeing development, implementation of diversity and inclusion tactics, strategies, and programs for the customers, colleagues, and communities they serve.

In our conversation, he details the importance of travelling and how impactful it has been for him as a diversity, equity, and inclusion practitioner. We discuss the different DEI considerations for global communities, while also ensuring the implementation of fair, company-wide practices. We also talk abut DEI fatigue in the workplace, and strategies to help prevent it. To connect with Girish, you can go to his LinkedIn page here:

Topics In This Episode

  • What brings Girish joy

  • DEI outside of a North American lens

  • Experiencing diversity through travel and living abroad

  • Keeping inclusion top of mind while making the shift to remote working

  • Addressing the needs of employees and customers in the pandemic

  • Holding leadership accountable for commitments they make to DEI initiatives

  • When it comes to DEI, it’s not “one size fits all”


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