Starting From Scratch: How To Start The conversation Around DEI

August 12, 2021

Sabrina Griffith is a consultant, trainer, and strategist who works to encourage inclusion and belonging in corporations, businesses, and organizations, as they strive to create equitable practices. She uses her experience over the last 15 years as a DEI practitioner to develop and facilitate engaging and comprehensive sessions on DEI topics, including gender sexuality, LGBTQ+ allyship, bias, race, colorism, and classism to name a few. In our conversation, we discuss how she got started in DEI work, what it’s like to start from scratch with people who are new to these conversations, and ways organizations can approach talent acquisition with intention for creating more diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces. To learn more about and connect with Sabrina, find her on LinkedIn, or on her website,

Topics In This Episode

  • Sabrina’s journey that brought her to DEI work

  • Connecting with team members

  • The benefits of relationship building, and how to start

  • Understanding your needs, as well as the needs of those around you

  • Changes that Sabrina sees on the business side around inclusivity

  • Performative DEI initiatives

  • Is your organization structured to support a diverse and inclusive environment?

  • Psychological safety in the workplace


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