What great leaders are doing now

April 2, 2020

We're in such a weird time!  This pandemic has shifted how we lead our personal and professional lives.  I spoke with top-performing leaders from a variety of sectors and I gleaned some advice on how they are leading during this crisis.


what i have been doing lately

I have been on video chat with organizational leaders every day during this COVID-19 and helping them pivot. They have come from different sectors and at varying levels of their organizations. I have treasured these moments.

I love connecting with people and I love learning from them!

And even though there have been more conversations via video, I thought I might share some themes.

here is what i've learned in the past few weeks 

I have learned that great leaders are ...

Recognizing how time commitments have changed.   

Deadlines motivate a lot of leaders, but that is not working now.

It is hard to set deadlines because there is so much uncertainty. Many of us are also used to quickly fulfilling deadlines. We get some of our energy from the rush of getting things done but that is also not possible. We have to adjust because we are making accommodations for being online, learning new technology, and also making space for new responsibilities like homeschooling.

People are getting work done, but the pace is undeniably different. They are finding success because they are cognizant things are different and adjusting their expectations. If you feel like you can’t get nearly as much done as you are used to, that is ok. Be patient with yourself and come up with a new schedule that provides some room for flexibility.

Empowering frontline staff to be innovative.
Organizational leaders realize their frontline staff’s primary focus is always on their clients, students, and partners so they are best positioned to come up with ways to pivot and continue to serve their stakeholders.

It takes a strong leader to step to the side, and I am so proud of the people who can do that for the greater good.

Making room for emotions.
As human beings, we are all dealing with a lot of new anxieties. The places we go to for mental and physical health have been eliminated from our routines.

We are trying to find ways to adjust.  Keep in mind, no one really saw this coming so we are planning on the fly. I have been delighted to see people taking more time at the beginning of our calls just to check in.

I have enjoyed seeing virtual happy hours, funny text messages, littles showing up in video chats, and the random just “checking on you” phone calls.

Feeling inspired.
This moment will test all of us and our leadership capacities. I hope that we can continue to use it as a moment of growth.

Even though things are hard, scary, and unprecedented, there is still much to be joyful about. There will be moments when we feel overwhelmed and frustrated. I certainly have felt that way.

Being intentional about focusing on the good that has and will come from this isolation, allows great leaders to get back into focus more quickly and with a smile.

i wish this moment was not happening. 

However, I feel so honored to be surrounded by and witnessing so many great leaders. 

If you are a leader that is having a hard time and want to have a quick, confidential, and free coaching session, please follow this link.

I have set aside some time to continue to support those who are helping others. 


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