August 4, 2021

Human capital is arguably the most important asset a business has. In ensuring you get the right people that align with your company’s goals, recruiters typically have a system they follow. They check the work experience of the candidate, skills relevant to the job opening and then match them accordingly--typical stuff.

What if I told you that skills don’t matter nearly as much as people think? Skills can be taught through training and on-the-job experience. What can’t be taught is a willing and winning attitude! Imagine having candidates that have identified a purpose beyond their personal motives; one where they focus on the betterment of the world and see your company as the place to do that.

For context, let’s briefly define purpose. Purpose is the reason something is done or for which it exists. As an individual, your purpose drives your decision, commitment, and effort. To find someone who sees their role as a way to fulfill their purpose is finding someone who is willing to do what it takes to get the job done well!


You can’t teach being a people person, having an upbeat personality, and possessing the ability to learn new things. Someone who has identified their reason or purpose for the things that they do and is highly motivated can be taught the necessary skills. You can’t teach passion! If you pick a candidate with less practical experience but with the right attitude, they will ultimately offer far more value in terms of loyalty, productivity, growth, and commitment.


An unwavering passion for your job typically comes through finding value in what you do and the impact you make. Candidates that can contribute to a company's culture and vision will take ownership of their responsibilities and perform better. Passion for work is all about motivation and being thrilled about doing what you love! Your passion rubs off on your coworkers as well and can elevate your team to greatness.

Happy workers are productive workers and productive workers get things done! Think about it--if you’re able to spend your working days doing something that you love, it doesn’t even feel like work. Additionally, that joy is infectious and fosters a more enjoyable and happier workplace.


Adaptability is essential in our fast-paced world. Being able to learn systems and adapt to environments easily is so much more important than having all the answers. What happens when the programs used for a job change but the employee doesn’t have the drive or capacity to learn the new programs? If you hire based on adaptability and motivation, people are far more likely to have a positive outlook on training and development. Someone that is passionate about what they do will want to develop and grow as the company grows. That urge to learn and develop new skills on a continuous basis to better aid them in performing their duties is fueled by the purpose behind it!


In a hyper-connected world where technologies are ever-changing, hiring someone based on the skills they have may prove to be limiting. What is relevant today may not be tomorrow, so someone that has a well-defined purpose will always have the motivation to push the boundaries! So in your pursuit of the most important asset to your company, think about their attitude, personality, and how their unique purpose can contribute to your team’s culture.

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