Dealing with Naysayers: Staying True to Your Purpose

May 7, 2019

Most things worth doing involve some kind of risk. Especially when we pursue projects that we care deeply about, it can feel a little scary to put ourselves out there like that. It is not unusual for Purposeful Hustlers to find themselves going against the grain to make a positive impact, but that doesn’t make it easy. Acting unconventionally can stir up self-doubt and attract the attention of others, not always in a good way. Many of the people who may question or express doubt don’t mean to do harm, but that doesn’t mean that their criticism is always productive.

How can we determine which voices of doubt we should listen to, and which ones we should tune out? And how do we manage to successfully tune those out to stay focused on what really matters?

Staying true to your purpose in the face of obstacles and naysayers is way easier said than done, but Purposeful Hustlers are courageous, resilient and resourceful, and we figure out how to make it happen!

These are a few powerful things you can do for yourself to stay true to your purpose in the face of criticism.

Share your purpose.

Sometimes, if people are giving you a hard time for making a choice that seems strange to them in pursuit of your purpose, it might just be because they don’t understand it. Don’t write them off right away. Hear out what they have to say, and try your best to see where they’re coming from. It may be hard for them to imagine why in the world you would stray from the path of least resistance to try something totally new or scary. For example, passing up a promotion to pursue a job with a pay cut that is in the field you are most passionate about might not make sense to a lot of people. If you can explain to them that the choice you’re making is aligned with your purpose of having the most positive impact on the world, they may be more likely to offer understanding and support. Who knows, maybe they’ll want to join you, or maybe they’ll feel inspired to take a risk in pursuit of their own purpose!

Naming your purpose and explaining it to others can help make you more confident that you are indeed making the right choice. When you explain your logic through the lens of your purpose, it becomes increasingly clear to you why you are doing what you are doing, which will make you bolder and less intimidated by others’ doubts. It serves the double function of being a pep talk for yourself!

Find your crew.

In addition to finding reserves of strength and confidence within yourself, the best antidote to haters is to have a group of people you can turn to who you know believe in you. Surrounding yourself with people who love you unconditionally gives you a backbone of folks who will be able to hold you up when others are trying to knock you down. Surrounding yourself with people you admire can serve as motivation to keep moving forward in the direction of your purpose, not succumbing to the false notion of success that naysayers may be trying to impress upon you. And surrounding yourself by those who are also ignited in their own purposes, hustling to make a positive impact on the world, will remind you that you are not alone, and what you’re trying to do isn’t as wild as it might feel at times.

Keep your end goal in sight.

Bumps in the road seem smaller when you know that you’re playing the long game. When you experience hiccups in your Purposeful Hustle, it’s easier to let the voices of doubt into your mind. Along with identifying your purpose, identify your long term goals. If what you’re doing fits into that and is in service of your goals, you can remind yourself that you are still on track and are moving closer to something you care about. No flower can bloom all year, and just because you might be experiencing a setback does not mean that you are falling away from your purpose. Stay the course, and find peace in the big picture, not the voices of negativity.

When you’re feeling down, give yourself some credit. You’re doing the most important work by listening to and being true to your purpose. It’s not supposed to be easy. The risk and the fear is TOTALLY normal. Don’t let anyone else’s opinion push you away from the work that is meant to be yours! You got this.

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