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Groundbreakers Retreat

Break Barriers, Forge Futures: Join Us at the Groundbreakers Retreat, September 27-28th, at Saint Kate - The Arts Hotel in Milwaukee, WI!
Join this transformative two-day retreat at Saint Kate - The Arts Hotel in Milwaukee, WI, for a unique blend of workshops, keynotes, and networking designed to overcome workplace challenges and drive success. Tailored for leaders and innovators across all industries, this immersive experience will equip you with the skills to tackle today’s complexities, foster resilience, and spark innovation in your team and organization. Dive into effective problem-solving, leverage diverse thinking, and build lasting momentum in your career. The Groundbreakers Retreat is an essential journey for those ready to make a significant impact and achieve groundbreaking success.

"Groundbreakers" refers to professionals from socio-economic backgrounds that make them "the firsts," "the fews," and "the onlys" in their workplaces.

This includes a wide range of people, for example, those who are the first in their family in a white-collar job, one of a few women in a male-dominated field, the only veteran in their company, or other underrepresented groups charting new territory in spaces not historically occupied by people of their identities. As trailblazers navigating work environments created without them in mind, groundbreakers face systemic barriers, limited access, and double standards that stifle workplace advancement. But it does not have to be that way! Join us in Milwaukee, WI, September 27-28th for an inspiring two-day retreat focused on transcending workplace barriers!

Day One: Owning Your Career Journey

We'll discuss tactics for decoding unwritten company rules, setting boundaries against over-taxation, and making strategic choices aligned with your aspirations. Identify strengths to accentuate and skills to develop while learning to shape external assessments.

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Day Two: Activating Your Influence


We'll explore personal branding techniques that spotlight unique value. Sessions will provide networking approaches to expand mentoring circles and coaching tools that help advocates propel your growth. The day culminates in an interactive workshop revealing how to accelerate impact by leading with authenticity.

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