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Directing our conversations are Uplifting Impact’s Chief Change Agent, Deanna Singh, and Chief Information Officer, Justin Ponder. Our hosts are highly respected thought leaders, educators, and consultants specializing in DEI and are known for their ability to teach difficult lessons with tact and kindness that inspire change and innovation within organizations.


Silver Linings: A Journey Of Sensitivity, Inclusion, and DEI Work

Get ready for an inspiring episode of the Uplifting Impact Podcast as our guest, Maura Packham, shares her journey from feeling excluded from society due to a sound sensitivity disorder to finding her passion for DEI work.

Maura discusses her personal experiences and how they led her to prioritize DEI work in her company's business model. She stresses the importance of creating a safe, belonging, and trusting environment for employees to solve material challenges. Micro-inclusion and community partnerships are also highlighted as crucial aspects of their DEI strategy.

This episode covers a wide range of topics, from personal perspectives to business strategies, highlighting the importance of embracing opportunities and looking for the silver lining in challenges. Maura emphasizes the need for both individual and organizational inventory when it comes to DEI work, with an emphasis on creating language, dialogue, and education.


So, if you're ready to be inspired by Maura's journey and learn more about the importance of DEI work in the workplace, tune in to this episode! You won't want to miss this dramatic and uplifting conversation.

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Our purpose is to provide actionalable insights and wisdom from a diverse group of leaders, executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, and DEI change-makers in the workplace. We’ve been fortunate to host industry luminaries from organizations like Hewlett Packard (HP), Ford, Kohl’s, and many others who have generously shared their expertise on DEI topics.

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